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Cat Hair Comb

Cat Hair Comb for cats and dogs (small size)

৳ 100.00

Natural Catnip Powder for Cat-55ml

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Natural Catnip Powder for Cat-55ml


Flea Killer Spot On 2.5ML

Net Capacity: 2.5ml
Functions: Killing Fleas, Louse, Tick, Mites
Features: Effective, Anti Fleas, Pet Supplies

It is safe and effective. It can be used on pregnant female dogs and cats, puppies over 2 weeks old and cats over 8 weeks old.


1) First, eliminate the cap of the dropping jug.

2) Lift the hair from the rear of the pet’s neck until the skin is noticeable.

3) Then use the drops according to the weight of the pet.
4) Drop once every other week to kill new fleas and for first time usage (optional).

10kg (1 Bottle).
5kg (1/2 Bottle).
2.5kg (1/3 bottle).
Kitten (1/5 bottle).


1) Do not wash the pet within 6 hours after application to protect the efficacy.
2) This product is prohibited for children to play with.
3) This product cannot be used in a medicine bath with water.
4) This product is not meant to be taken orally.

5) If hands are sullied, wash them with a cleanser.

6) If any unfavourable responses happen subsequent to utilizing this item, kindly use calcium gluconate and feed with a huge measure of water.

What is Flea Tick Spray and Shampoo?

Flea tick spray and shampoo are products designed to help pet owners combat the problem of fleas and ticks on their furry friends. These parasites can cause discomfort, health issues, and even transmit diseases to both animals and humans. Flea tick spray helps repel these pests, while flea tick shampoo is used for killing existing fleas and ticks on the pet’s body.

Here are some key points about flea tick spray and shampoo:

  • Effectiveness: Both flea tick spray and shampoo have proven to be effective in controlling fleas and ticks. They contain active ingredients that target these pests, either by repelling them or killing them upon contact.

  • Convenience: Using a flea tick spray or shampoo is a convenient method for pet owners to protect their pets from infestations. Applying the product directly onto the fur helps ensure comprehensive coverage.

  • Safety: It is important to choose high-quality flea tick sprays or shampoos that are safe for pets. Look for products specifically formulated for your pet’s species (e.g., dogs or cats) as well as their age group.

  • Application Frequency: The application frequency of flea tick sprays may vary depending on the brand and instructions provided by manufacturers. Some sprays require weekly applications, while others offer longer-lasting protection with monthly use.

  • Spot-on Treatments: In addition to sprays and shampoos, spot-on treatments are also available in Bangladesh market. These treatments involve applying a small amount of liquid directly onto your pet’s skin between its shoulder blades using an applicator tube.

Table: Comparison of Flea Tick Spray vs Shampoo

Aspect Flea Tick Spray Flea Tick Shampoo
Purpose Repels fleas & ticks Kills existing fleas & ticks
Application Sprayed on pet’s fur Applied during bath
Convenience Easy to apply Requires bathing the pet
Safety Choose pet-safe formulas Avoid contact with eyes or mouth
Application Frequency Varies (weekly/monthly) Typically used during baths

In conclusion, flea tick spray and shampoo are effective tools for preventing and treating flea and tick infestations in pets. They offer convenience, safety, and different modes of application depending on your preference. Remember to choose products that are suitable for your specific pet and follow the instructions provided by manufacturers for optimal results.

Comparing Prices of Flea Tick Spot-On Products in Bangladesh

When it comes to purchasing flea tick spot-on products in Bangladesh, comparing prices is essential to ensure you get the best deal. Here are some key factors to consider when looking at the prices of these products:

  1. Product Brand: Different brands offer flea tick spot-on products with varying price ranges. It’s important to research and compare prices across multiple brands to find the one that fits your budget.

  2. Product Type: Flea tick spot-on products can come in various forms such as sprays, shampoos, or spot-ons. Each type may have different price points based on their formulation and effectiveness.

  3. Packaging Size: The packaging size of these products also affects their pricing. Larger sizes often offer better value for money compared to smaller ones.

To give you an idea of the average prices for flea tick spot-on products in Bangladesh, here is a table showcasing some popular brands and their corresponding price range:

Brand Product Type Packaging Size Price Range (BDT)
ABC Spray 100ml 500 – 800
XYZ Shampoo 200ml 700 – 1000
DEF Spot-On Single Dose 400 – 600

Please note that these price ranges are indicative and may vary depending on location and availability.

  1. Availability: The availability of certain brands or specific product types might impact their pricing as well. Some imported or specialized options could be priced higher due to limited supply or higher demand.

Before making a purchase decision, it’s advisable to check customer reviews and ratings for different brands and product types within your desired budget range.

By considering all these factors while comparing prices, you can make an informed decision and find the most suitable flea tick spot-on product that meets your requirements without breaking the bank.

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